Red Sea 2024

Red Sea 2024

Howdy Divers!

So it’s time! We’re going to do something special and different, and in 2024, for the first time, I’m going to lead a trip that isn’t to the Bahamas! All- Star liveaboards now has a boat in the Red Sea, Egypt- and it’s SWANKY! Check out these pictures:

You can read more about the vessel information here.

We have booked the 2 weeks (August 12th and August 19, 2024) for seven days each trip, with a custom itinerary of diving the northern Red Sea, as well as the Brothers area.

August 12th is Brothers – Daedalus – Elphinstone (two bunks remains)
August 19th is North and Brothers (one bunk remains)

The trip is more expensive than our normal Blackbeards shindig-

1700 for a twin bed room (double occupancy),
1800 for the king cabin. (VERY limited number of those cabins, and must be double occupancy). The NON REFUNDABLE deposit is 500, and the payment schedule is:

500 – Initial deposit
500 – January 2023
500 – June 2023
Remainder- January 2024
(depends on which week and which room how much you’ll have remaining)

The park fees are different per week since the boat will be going to different locations: The week of the 12th, 225 in fees.
The week of the 19th, 200 in fees.
It’s important to note the fees can change based on what the local entities are charging, so while the boat price is locked in, with this much of a gap between now and our trip, expect that the fee’s can change between now and our travel dates. And don’t forget a 20% tip for the crew on board.

This trip is a great one to bring non diving significant others on- as it’s a beautiful boat, many places to relax and enjoy even if you’re not into diving. BUT do keep in mind, it’s still a dive cruise, so lots of amazing world class diving to be had. Water temps during the time of year we are going BOTTOM OUT at 83 degrees, and max at 90, so this could be pretty amazing for nice warm middle-eastern temperatures (bring the sunscreen!)

Verbal confirmation is nice, but no spots are reserved until I’ve received the full deposit. I’m expecting that this trip will sell out, and end up with a waitlist. Being so far out makes the payment schedule very approachable too, so even though it’s more spendy, we’re leaving plenty of time to budget and make the trip happen- so even if you think this trip might be out of reach, I encourage you to plan ahead and join us on this one-time trip! (2025, I’m almost certainly heading back to Blackbeards in the Bahamas).

To sign up, you can do VENMO (jimmynemo42) or CASHAPP (jimmynemo2), or Zelle. Payments after the initial deposit must be done by check or cash only.

Checks must be made out to / Sent to:

5113 Klamath Ct SE
Salem, OR 97306

Once you put in your deposit, please email me, and I need your NAME, EMAIL, and PHONE Number, and lastly if you’re wanting the king room or twin room (king rooms are now sold out, so all remaining will be twin rooms). If you’re wanting to bunk with a certain person, please do let me know so I can put people in proper rooms. You can email me at You can also call me at 541-971-3328 if you have questions, and I’m happy to help in any way I can.

I’ve been thinking of trying a different trip for years, and so many cool memories and people in the Bahamas, but I know some want to try something new, something different, and this boat, trip, dive roster- it all lines up to being too good to pass up!

For more information about the whole trip, you can check out the site for the trip here.

I can’t wait to go dive with you!