My amazing wife

My view when I woke up this morning and came downstairs to a wife who covered baby duty all night so I could sleep

I have an amazing wife. I’ve always known this. Before we were married, before we had dated- I knew she was the one for me, the only one I’d ever want. And while there’s a great many things in life I regret or have done poorly, I’m sure proud of my ability to pick the most amazing woman ever.

This recent time, with Baby Maddie running our lives, has been interesting, because I’m discovering even more new ways that my wife is amazing. Multiple times, I’ve had a long day at work, a long work day coming next, and little Maddie doesn’t want to sleep yet, if at all. My wife, in all love, sends me to bed, and covers baby duty all night.

She takes care of our home, bills, paperwork, chores, and yet, when I get home, she’s worrying about me, caring about me, being nurturing and kind to me. It’s unreal, unearned, and unbelievable how kind she is.

a photo my wife sends me during the day so I feel connected with my family and what’s going on when I’m not around

I seem to be pondering very frequently lately the idea that Maddie is so lucky to have Natalie as her mom. This kid couldn’t have asked for a more perfect fit, made by God to be exactly what little Maddie needs. And exactly the same thing is true of Natalie and me. Natalie is the perfect fit for me- crafted by God to be exactly what I need. Not just when she’s being amazingly supportive and helpful and kind- but even when she’s snappy or irritable, it’s exactly the right kind of snappy for me. Exactly the type that will sink in with me. She’s perfect.

I’m so thankful for the ladies in my life, and with each day as I ponder it, I can’t help but be reminded over and over how overwhelmingly fortunate I am to be in this blessed season of life.