Wrote this for work

Maddie, she’s new here.

So this is my daughter Maddie. She’s still pretty new here to the planet. Rather than spending my bio talking about me, I’m gunna talk about her, and what I want for her.

I want her to grow up and know Jesus. I don’t want her to just know about Him, I want her to love Jesus in with the depth and genuine passion with which I love her. I want her to avoid my mistakes of rampant pride and wasted years, and I think being plugged in to not just a church, but the right church will help in that greatly.

I want her to be at a church that doesn’t just talk about Jesus in the abstract, but one where Jesus busts into our day by day lives and we welcome Him in to take over our thoughts, our words, and our every action. I want the people she lives in community with to drive her deeper and deeper into the arms of Jesus. Not just being a social club, but an ever expanding collection of people who see their need for spiritual rescue, and so eager to share it and welcome the newcomer that one day no place but heaven can hold them.

I want her to be mentored by people who love Jesus, and love her. I want her to go to a church that communicates well, communicates often, and communicates about the things that are important, and not just urgent. I want her to go to a church passionate about the timeless nature of God’s word, but fired up about the ever changing ways to reach people with the good news!

I do my job not because it’s a job, but because it’s a calling. I love being a part of our app, our website, our podcast, our video and photography teams, our leadership team and support staff, and any role they want me in here at Morning Star. For me it’s never been about the job, but it’s only about the goal of making Jesus known in this city. And all the things I dream of for my kid, maybe you dream of them for your kids too, and for ourselves. And together let’s love Jesus in the way that makes this place what we want for the next generation.